I recently wrote a book explaining the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for senior management.
It has been published by the Elsevier Press of Oxford, England and is available through
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This website is intended to introduce myself and provide an overview of my capabilities and experience.

The examples shown are representative, not complete.

In many cases, I produced almost the entire portfolio of documents for a company- technical, business, advertising & promotion, and legal.

I offer a complete documentation service, from concept to prepress, from start-up to full production.

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What I'm doing.

I am available for short and medium term contracts, anywhere in the world - I love to travel,  and I love new challenges and experiences (Baghdad and Kabul are off my list at the moment).

I am currently writing a complete suite of Policies and Procedures for a newly listed public corporation as a basis for their SOX compliance initiative. When we combine the P&P with a monitoring system to ensure the Procedures are followed, they will be very close to complete compliance.

I have just finished a Business Plan for a $700 million real estate development project and am writing a couple of others for totally different projects.

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 "Michael Holt has created an incredibly useful toolkit for understanding the basics of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It's especially attuned to the needs of non-financial experts who must grasp the fundamentals and key issues. A must-read for decision-makers."

-Rick Telberg, principal, Bay Street Group LLC, analysts and advisors to the financial industry.


I then wrote a sequel which has also been published.



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